Info Page


Feb. 2007  –  Start of this website. Above are the presses of Triple J at one time or another. Now is the                                            Windmill and Pearl.

Mar. 2008  –  Added some pictures of production from the presses

July 2009  –  Added picture of Windmill.

Dec. 2009  –   Still have work to do on the site.

June 2010  –  Saw the Westman and Baker leave and a Heidelberg Windmill Platen replace it, it is easier on                                     the  back and no brace needed while running it.

Dec. 2013  –  Work has been going well at the press many items for the local museum. Keeps us busy.

Aug 2015  –  A few more years have flown by and the work is still moving forward in the print shop.  More for                                the museum and a few items for family members.  Somehow the time just  seems to roll on                                  by.

July 2018  –  Trying a new way of doing website, hope it works.

Jan 2019   –   As we head into the new year still working here.

July 2021   –   The Pearl has been replaced with a C & P  New style from 1914.

Oct. 2022    –    Work at the press goes on maybe slower but it goes on, another chapter of the sketch book                                      and items for the museum help keep us busy in these times.