Amateur Radio is the second hobby,  a technical hobby which involves wireless experimentation and self training with electronics, antennas and other ancillary equipment used in the communication of non commercial information.  It is the only hobby that is governed by international treaty.


It is also known as Ham Radio, which involves the use of specified equipment, frequencies and most important a licensed operator, it can involve communication across town, or around the world and even into space. All this happens in many different modes, voice, Morse code and digital modes. it can be for general communication or at times of need it could be the only lifeline in and out of an area during a disaster or other times of need.


Starting in the early 1900’s started as experimental wireless hobby which gave the unique ability to innovate without commercial or statutory controls even in this the modern regulated environment of the 21st century.


Present Station is: Flex 6400M for HF  and Yaesu FT-847 for VHF.   An Ameritron ALS500 amp. also available when required. Antennas Force 12   XR3C   for  10, 15, & 20,   Alpha Delta Dipole for lower bands,  Inverted V’s for 40 & 30.


Past Equipment has been a multitude of Manufacturers. Heath HW100,  HW101,  HW12a,   Collins KMW2,   Kenwood TS820S,  TS570D,    Yeasu FT 767,   FT 736,  Icom   756 pro III and a Ten Tec Eagle,  Pegasus,   Omni VI+  and an  Argosy.  Some were used mobile and in portable situations.   Most were purchased used but still worked good hi hi.