Triple J Press


  Triple J Press  is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. The work of the press is at the direction of the proprietor rather than by the chain of commercial demands.


Broadsheets, reprints of works of selected authors and what ever else is the whim of the proprieter of the press.


The press has done a number of sections of Washinton Irvings Sketch Book.  Each section is set in type then printed and finally bound in a book usually hard cover but could be soft as well in a small format about 4″ x 6″ or  5″ x 7″ or there about, the size is determined during the setup process and stock availabilty at the time of printing. We try to use up what is on hand first.


The equipment used to complete the tasks:  Platen press is a Heidelberg 10″ x 15″ from about 1950 (traded for a 10 x 15 Westman and Baker from 1890’s) or a C & P from 1914. Also available is an Adana  8 x 5 table top platen press.  The type is handset or cast using a model 31 Linotype (donated to the Printers Hall, Mt. Pleasant Iowa, I now use a Model 5 at the Printery in Queenson when needed) or a model M Ludlow Typecaster also at the Museum.  Mostly gone back to handset at this time.  Have the ability to process small photopolymer plates for images to go in the printing using an  A5 platemaker from Holland.


Amateur Radio 


–  A second interest is Amateur Radio.  I enjoy working in most modes on all the bands HF to UHF.  The equipment has consisted of Heathkit, Collins, Yeasu Kenwood, Icom and Ten Tec over the years.

The present setup is an Flex 6400M for HF and a Yeasu FT 847 for the VHF and UHF bands